Crossing Axis, Hakan Kırdar & Yeni Anıt, m1886 art projects, (21 Mart – 26 Nisan 2015)

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Hakan Kırdar, Anit Onunde, buluntu-fotograf mudahale, 2015

Hakan Kırdar & Yeni Anıt at m1886 art projects

with “Crossing Axis” on 21 March, Saturday…

“Crossing Axis” is the title of the duet exhibition by Hakan Kırdar & Yeni Anıt. But, at the same time it is associated with the concept known as the 180̊ rule in cinema, which defines the positions of two different characters, from the context of “crossing axis”. Contrary to this rule that states that the camera can rotate around the object being filmed at a maximum of 180̊, it says that if the camera is rotated 360̊, the camera then would be on the other side of the object. Thus, if we consider the movie shoot of two people engaged in a dialogue, each one’s 180̊ radiuses forms the whole of this interdisciplinary story.

On the one hand there is Hakan Kırdar, who researches cultural value structures and questioning the continuously eroding cultural layers, displays on a private level that Turkish modernity actually images the pressure the state has established on the society, not modernization. The modernization phase had developed, having sanctions: monuments, buildings, projects… Sometimes/in time, they had acted/act as the symbols of prohibitiveness. The artist takes traditions as the basis and examines the desire to disengage them step-by-step. Thus, it can be said that he makes fictitious graphics of the discourses that has developed within the communal practice.


Then there is Yeni Anıt. In a more indirect way, the practices of modernity in “daily life” are structurally-flattened. This is the effort to understand the intellectual infrastructure and impulses of individuals continuing the life-style as a practice, modern life persistently directs individuals towards. Behind Yeni Anıt’s questioning the symbols, there is the desire to understand and show the deep imagination between the symbol and what it points to.


Crossing Axis desires to analyze and make visible the validity area, historic foundation and the inner worlds of these understandings/impulses that the “understandings that accept the facts of state/nation,/the impulses that own these” are based on, in every fraction exceedingly in our day, including all the individual tendencies: the aim is to try to understand.

Curator: Fırat Arapoğlu


The exhibit is at Ankara m1886 art projects on 21 March-26 April

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