Summer Collective, Bertrand Delacroix Gallery, (July 1 – September 30, 2015)

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BDG is please to present our Summer Collective featuring new work by Beth Carter, Joseph Adolphe and Frederico Infante as well as Ayline Olukman, Stéphane E. Dumas, Quentin Garel and Yannick Fournié.

Beth Carter’s new sculptures continue her exploration of mythological themes with human-animal hybrids in bronze and resin. Canadian painter Joseph Adolphe presents new large-scale oil on canvas pieces that depict the subjects with masterful intensity. Adolphe’s works have an Old Master/Expressionist quality with rich, visible brushstrokes and a clear understanding of motion; however, he endows his work with an undeniable modernity and relevancy to today’s rapidly changing world. His new paintings include bulls and guns in his signature style. In addition to Adolphe’s paintings, we have new pieces from Chilean artist Federico Infante on view. Infante’s acrylic masterpieces blend areas of abstraction with sections of exceptionally defined details.

Ayline Olukman creates mixed media pieces using her own photographs taken during her travels combined with old photos, mostly from the 1950’s, that she finds while traveling. Olukman’s bold colors give her work a decidedly modern feel while her subjects and collage-style approach add a hint of nostalgia.

Dumas’ work focuses on nature, particularly the Atlantic Ocean and the lush foliage of Normandy; however, his work is not a realistic representation of nature but rather his artistic interpretation of the natural world. Dumas’ paintings are characterized by their ethereal blend of abstract and landscape genres.

We have on view a selection of works from Yannick Fournié’s recent exhibition, INCOGNITO.

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