Perrotin Tokyo, ART OSAKA 2022, (July 9 – July 10, 2022)

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Booth C-27

July 9 – July 10, 2022
Osaka City Central Public Hall 3F, VIEW MAPFor our debut at Art Osaka, Perrotin Tokyo is pleased to present a selection of works by the gallery’s artists.

The presentation showcases paintings, mixed media works and sculptures by a diverse group of artists:
Bernard Frize, whose process-oriented abstract painting explores all the possible visual outcomes of precise protocols, conceived in advance by the artist;
Photographer JR revisited the Louvre Museum during the 2021 lockdown in his series, Ballet, Sur les Toits du Louvre, with a ballerina restfully positioned on the building’s roof, acting as a quiet reminder of the semiotics of space;
Gregor Hildebrandt, known for his innovative artworks using repetition for their collage structure and magnetic tape as their medium.

The gallery’s booth also introduces works by Jean-Philippe Delhomme, Laurent Grasso, Klara Kristalova and Xavier Veilhan, on view alongside edition works by Jean-Michel Othoniel.

アート大阪 2022 
ブース C-27

2022年7月9日 – 7月10日
大阪市中央公会堂 3階

この度ペロタン東京にとって初の参加となるART OSAKA 2022では、所属アーティストの作品をグループ展形式にてご紹介いたします。

写真家JRは、パンデミックによる閉鎖期間中にルーブル美術館の屋上を再訪し、建物の屋根に穏やかに佇むバレリーナの姿を通して、空間の記号論を静かに想起させるシリーズ«Ballet, Sur les Toits du Louvre»を制作しました。

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