Jordanian artist Noor Alazzam, Minister of Labor and Tourism opens an art exhibition on celebration of International Women’s Day.

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Under the patronage of his Excellency Dr. Nidal Qatamin Minister of both Labor and Tourism & Antiquities, a personal art exhibition was opened on the 1st of March 2014, exhibiting the art work of Jordanian artist Noor Alazzam in presence of former Minister of Culture his Excellency Mr. Jereys Samawi and Mr. Muayad Nasser representing Le Royal Hotel, along with a crowd of artists and journalists, enjoying the tunes of the violinist Mr. Hussein Abdel Moneim as part of the Le Royal Hotel celebrations on the occasion of the International Women’s Day. In response to demanded support for of the local artistic movement, the speech of his Excellency Dr. Nidal Qtamin stressed the need to highlight the importance of the Jordanian achievements in the field of art, as important part of the cultural movement as well as the various arts from theater, drama, and music. His Excellency had also emphasized the importance to enhance the tourism sector in order to perpetuate the bestowal and engage the rest of society in artistic activities that includes all categories of art within a deliberate plan helping promote tourism and Jordanian product as well.


Artist Alazzam stated that her second personal exhibition represents a shift in her fine art experience, which depends on choosing different forms of nature and attempt to abstract it gradually while keeping the basic concepts to reflect a certain idea, and in this exhibition “The Jungle, another dimension” her work addresses the other dimension deep inside the surface of the human personality, which manifests in entanglement and intricacies which she depicted from the desolate nature of the jungle. The artists considered the new exhibition as a summary of the new section she will add to her fine art experience, choosing the occasion of the International Women’s day to introduce her findings in terms of the common elements between the jungles and the other human nature dimension.

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