Lutfiye Bozdag: Nine + One

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Mine Art Gallery having a well-established place in Turkish art environment, carries out young generation artists’ exhibitions within the scope of “PostHoc” exhibitions. Post hoc, meaning “from now on” in latin, is the first of the exhibitions that Mine Art gallery will carry out to bring in young artists to Turkish art environment. Mine Art Gallery discharges an important responsibility in the sense that following young generation artists’ orientations in time, supporting young artists, providing them to express themselves.

“NINE+ONE” exhibition, referring to “nine artists one curator”, will be carried out from July 2 to August 30, 2014. The artists taking part in the exhibition are: Kadir Akyol, Hakan Bayer, Umut Demirelli, İzzet Eray Kılıçay, Gülçağ Konçe, Azime Sarıtoprak, Cansu Tanpolat, Ufuk Ülker and Erkan Yaprakkıran. Kadir Akyol, making socio-political criticism in his works, makes possible for us to read the pornography of image through portraits. He takes the existential deconstruction of human identity in hand in his portraits.  The changes emerging from artificiality of natural transformation appear as abstracted forms rather than existential objects in Hakan Bayer’s abstraction works. İzzet Eray Kılıçay, using an abstract expressionist language in his formal abstractions emerging in black background, opens a new expression field in cosmos with different colour masses. Gülçağ Konçe, tracing a minimalist plainness in her paintings, shares the visuality of calmness and peace within the bounds of plastic arts language by minimizing colour and form with the audience.

Azime Sarıtoprak, looking for being stuck and depression came with urbanization in rural area and nature, talks in her paintings via the language that she created with the colours and forms of her imagination moving away from melancholy and chaotic state. Red has a special place in Erkan Yaprakkıran’s paintings. The artist, choosing to reflect the sections of the whole instead of the whole, enables us to focus on the details. Ufuk Ülker, approaching the relation between form and colour within the space independently from any object or place, traces his own plastic in infinite variations of fiction with the abstractions that he created without abandoning the formal feature of painting.

Cansu Tanpolat, transferring the forms generated from our childhood dream world’s fears to the language of plastic, makes visible her cute characters, called “Boogers”, accelerating with their shadows reflected to wall. Umut Demirelli, making both black and white and colour video works besides his peinture works, appears in the exhibition with a video work based on a concept focusing on daily life problems.


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