Sprit of The Forest, The Mercury Theatre, (11 – 14 February 2015)

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About Mail art and this exhibition

Mail art is, at its simplest, art that travels through the postal system.  The movement we call ‘mail art’ or ‘postal art’ began in the 1950s. International mail artist Ray Johnson is considered the first mail artist and in 1962 he renamed his practicethe ‘New York Correspondence School’.  Mail artists trade ideas with other mail artists, sometimes putting out a ‘call’ for mail art on a particular theme.  Mail art can be in any format, in any media and some mail artists like to test the postal system with their mail art. Documentation is considered an important aspect of mail art and some mail artists archive the work they receive. Exhibitions have taken place in museums, on shopping trolleys, in supermarkets, all over.

Anyone can be a ‘mail artist’ and by its nature mail art is democratic. Within mail art there are many movements.  All mail art I receive for a call is shown in the subsequent exhibition so that art by more famous mail artists in the ‘network’ hangs next towork from mail artists who are less experienced. A great place to get involved with mail art is with the international union of mail artists: http://iuoma-network.ning.com

The mail art being exhibited here at The Mercury Theatre is in collaboration with The Pimlott Foundation’s opera, Hansel and Gretel, and is the response to the call:

Spirit of the Forest. I have received mail art from more than 65 mail artists and schools that puts the tally well above one hundred pieces from at least eighteen countries!

Students from local schools became mail artists when they sent me their postcards through the post. The schools who took part, some of whom are taking part in the Opera, include: Langham, Chase Lane and Stratford St Mary Primary schools, Cedarwood Primary School, 4th Ellesmere Port Brownies, Trakya University, Balıkesir Turkey and Cecilien gymnasium , Bielefeld, Germany.

You can find all the mail art displayed here at:

Rebecca Moss Guyver

Sprit of The Forest
“Mail Art Exhibition”

11 – 14 February 2015

Curator: Rebecca Guyver


Aaron Morgan (USA), Alessandra Gereschi (Italy), Ali Gümülcine (Turkey), Alvertina Nikonova (Russia), Amy Irwen (USA), Ana Garcia (Portugal), Andreina Argiolas (Italy), Anna Banana (Canada), Antonia Mayol Castelló (Spain), Barbara Cotignoli (Italy), Bart Verburg (Netherlands), Belkıs Orulluoğlu (Turkey), Carina Granlund (Finland), Cecilia Bossi (Italy),  Cecilie Gymnasium (Germany), Cedarwood Primary (UK), Clemente Padin (Uruguay), Dan Mouer (USA), Daniel de Culla (Spain), Deniz Gökduman (Turkey),  Dominique Guillemin (France), Edna Toffoli (Brasil), Elif Gül (Turkey), Emily Coles (Wales), Garbriele Astrid Hoppe (Germany) , Giovanni and RenataStra DA DA (Italy), Halit Yılmazer (Turkey), Haluk S. Arvas (Turkey), Hasan Çorumluoğlu (Turkey), Harun Tekdal (Turkey), Helen Thorne (UK), Herman Kamphuis (Netherlands), Hilal Turṣoluk (Turkey), Jan Moss (USA), Jane Lewis, (UK), Josè Luis Alcalde Soberanes (Mexico), Junanne Peck (USA), Katerina Nikoltsou (Greece), Keiichi Nakamura (Japan), Kommis Gar Hjuler (Germany), Langham Primary School (UK), Lillian Pacheco (Brasil), Linda Pelati (Italy), Lisa Iverson (USA), Lynne Tasker  (UK), Mailart Martha (UK), Marcela Peral (Argentina), Marcia Silva (Portugal), Margita Sündermann (Germany), Maria José Silva Mizé (Portugal), Meral Ağar (Turkey), Mine Erişgen (Turkey), Mirjam Mŏlder Mikfelt, Moan Lisa (USA), Nancy Bell Scott (USA), Nichola Orlick (Japan), Nuray Özdemir (Turkey), Osman Işıldar (Turkey), Ozan Alperden (Turkey), Pais Garcia (Portugal), Pamela Yeend (UK), Phillip Lerche (USA), Poul Poclage (Denmark), Raffaella Di Vaio (Italy), Raphael’L (France), Rebecca Guyver (UK), Renata Solimini (Italy), Roberta Savolini (Italy), Seda Taşkın (Turkey), Servane Morel (Belgium), Stan Askew (USA), Sticker Dude – Joel S Cohen (USA), Stratford St Mary Primary School (UK), Sue Marsdon (UK), Suus in Mokum (Netherlands), Taidgh Lynch (Ireland) , Teresa Maia (Portugal), Theresa Williams (USA), Trakya University Mail Art (Turkey), Tuğce Kır (Turkey), Türkan Elçi (Turkey), Virginia MiLici (Italy), Vittorio Politano (Italy), Vizma Bruns (Australia), 4th Ellesmere Port Brownies (UK)

The Mercury Theatre

Colchester, England

The Pimlott Foundation

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