Deniz Gökduman, Tüyap, 8. Salon 815/B (07-15 Kasım 2015)

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Deniz Hoca

Deniz Gokduman

Deniz Gokduman, who was born in Balikesir in 1976, completed his undergraduate education in Prof. Isa Basoglu and Prof. Ramiz Aydin’s art studios in Marmara University Ataturk Education Faculty, and his graduate education in ITU Visual and Environmental Arts. Deniz Gokduman, who is now a lecturer in Trakya University Faculty of Fine Arts painting department, completed his doctoral thesis in Marmara University, Institute of Educational Sciences, Department of Art Education. The artist has taken place in many national and international exhibitions and he has works in a variety of collections and museums.


Selected exhibitions

2014 Personal Painting Exhibition, “They were already not exist “ Ren Art Gallery, 03-21 June, İstanbul

2013 Personal Painting Exhibition “Stranger”, Art Suites Gallery, 13 March – 06 April İstanbul.

2011 Personal Painting Exhibition “I Am Not within Time, Nor Entirely Beyond”, Piha Collective, 01 – 20 April, İstanbul.

2007 Piramid Art Gallery Personal Painting Exhibition, 12 April – 7 May, İstanbul.

1998 Taranta Babu Cultural Center Personal Painting Exhibition, 01 – 15 June, İstanbul.

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