DEIGO BENÉITEZ, HUGO GALERİE, 1 July – 1 August 2021

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HUGO GALERIE is pleased to present Calm, a solo exhibition of the hypnotic and hopeful solace of Diego Benéitez. The artist began his career in the world of urban art and his paintings maintain an irreverent attitude toward ornamentation, communicating what is profound through minimalism.

Benéitez’s paintings are meditations on what it means to be human. A barely-there horizon line and mere hint of dwelling lights are enough to ignite a sense of trust, peace, and relief. Like the light at the end of the tunnel, his flickering cities beckon. They are exotic without being exclusive, fantastical without being deceptive. 

What could otherwise be categorized as works of color theory become landscapes—physical, philosophical, and psychological. The scant wisp of a skyline is all it takes to distinguish an oasis over a mirage. This has as much to do with Benéitez’s artistic skill as it does his understanding of the human condition. His brushstrokes map our desire for companionship and unique ability, as humans, to conjure humanity from the slightest suggestion. 

His desert, lunar, or perhaps oceanic panoramas incite an irrepressible sense of being-in-the-world; this consciousness of our existence within our surrounding environment is something largely and critically missing these days. It is far too easy to turn on autopilot and coast. But Benéitez won’t permit that. The space he places between viewers and his glimmering destinations is a necessary separation that forces contemplation. We are transfixed—not into an out-of-body experience, but an in-body experience. He creates atmospheres of presence. Especially following the last year, the opportunity to experience calm is a gift. But to be enveloped by calm? A treasure.

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