Contemporary Art Fair NYC – A Fair For Artists For International artists

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The Contemporary Art Fair NYC – A Fair For Artists – October 24th, 25th, 26th  2014

The Contemporary Art Fair NYC launches its 5th edition in it’s new home in the beautiful Penn Plaza Pavilion in the heart of Midtown located in the Hotel Pennsylvania at 401 7th Ave, at 33rd Street.

We are excited about the prospects for this high profile location for this October’s fair!

The mission of the fair is to create a space for extraordinary contemporary artists from around the world, and from here in New York City, to have their work seen, to be recognized in the arts critical forum, and to be purchased and collected.

The Contemporary Art Fair NYC is specifically for individual artists, both independent and having gallery representation, and artist duos or other artists who work together. Artist groups or associations expressing a unified aesthetic program are also welcome. Arts organizations that are non-traditional (gallery) spaces or not-for-profit spaces, and the like, and independent curators may also apply under limited terms.

The Fair welcomes artists working in the following mediums to apply:

Painters, print makers and graphic artists (under limited terms), photographers working or printing in all forms including digital, digital media artists (not inclusive of video or other forms of equipment based art work), drawing, collage, and sculptors, including construction and assemblage, and more.

A Special Section of the fair will be formed for all fine and illustrative artists who might find their co-equals in the pages of Hi-Fructose or Juxtapoz magazines or who might find their co-equals represented by such galleries as La Luz de Jesus or Jonathan Levine Gallery, also including anime, manga, otaku, comics, skateboard, tattoo, Street Art, and Steampunk, to name but a few.

The fair provides quality space at less than one third of the cost of other venues. Significantly less than galleries pay in a similar venue. Also, the fair welcomes artists who might care to share a booth with other artists. Wall prices are very reasonable, as well.

Participants in the Fair enjoy these opportunities:

  • Chances for their work to be seen by, and opportunities to talk with, gallerists and curators
  • Chances to add to their client lists through interaction with the fair’s important visitors
  • Sales opportunities
  • Plus opportunities to be seen and recorded in the New York arts critical forum i.e. in important blogs,      printed media, and on YouTube/Vimeo and TV, and more.

Full details at our website.

Application Deadline: July 25th, 2014

Contact: Herman James



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